Western Canada Viper Club

Willowbrook Chrysler

Our region of the Viper Owners Association is geographically immense stretching from Vancouver Island, the western most point of Canada; with the wind and waves of the open Pacific Ocean lapping on the shores; across British Columbia which includes the northern point of the Sonoran desert in the sunny Okanagan up to and through the majestic Rocky Mountains; continuing thru the foothills of the Rockies onto the great prairies, our region includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba; a massive 3 Million square kilometers in size.  The diversity of the geographic zones in conjunction with the unpredictable climatic conditions presents unique challenges to our executive and membership in respect to planning and participating in events. Despite that we have one of the most enthusiastic and devoted membership of any of the clubs, our crew is very resourceful and can adapt to change and accept the challenges as we enjoy our reasonably short Viper cruising season April thru October; every year we schedule events throughout the massive region. To enhance the membership experience we also include weekend events reaching south into the adjoining States of Washington; Oregon, Montana and Idaho; and in fact our region has members from the adjoining states who enjoy and participate in our annual events.

If you are visiting our website for the first time I would encourage you to review the current and past events; the diversity and uniqueness is quite renowned. Our executive is truly focussed on making the Viper ownership privileges truly outstanding; have a closer look at the photo galleries and videos; you will see for yourself the unique and memorable events that you could share in the future.

The Viper Owner’s Association is truly a unique and worthy car club; the membership is diverse with many members who can provide excellent mentorship in owning, operating, racing, modifying and repairing the Viper. The common thread always is the mighty Viper and the camaraderie of the members, no pretence here just enjoyment of the cars and the events.

If you own a Viper or are considering one in the future do yourself a favour and join the Viper Nation; the privileges are tangible and the experiences are truly memorable.